[Can burned food be eaten]_Diet_Impact

[Can burned food be eaten]_Diet_Impact

People want to be late for all kinds of food, but in reality, too many people accidentally burn the food.

Many people think that burnt food is toxic and cannot be eaten. If you eat it, it will cause cancer.

In fact, not all burnt food is inedible, and it depends on the specific conditions of the food.

Here’s how to tell if burnt food can be eaten.

After the food is burnt, it cannot be simply said that it can be eaten or cannot be eaten. The food depends on the degree of burnt.

First, let’s look at the degree of food burnt, distinguished by color, from light to heavy, divided golden yellow, brown, and black.

In fact, all protein foods, meat and eggs, all charred, whether yellow or black, are not recommended.

Because there is an amino acid called tryptophan in these animal proteins.

After 300 ° — 400 ° C heat treatment (grilling), it will thermally decompose to produce two substances P1 and P2.

The carcinogenicity of this tryptophan P1, P2 has been confirmed by research.

Mr. Takamura Muramura, director of the National Cancer Research Center of Japan, used tryptophan P1 content only 0.

02% of the diets had male white rats (24) and female white rats (26). After 1 year and 8 months of replacement, 21% of the males and 42% of the females had liver cancer.The replacement group (14 males and 18 females) was the same. About the same period, 7% of the males and 94% of the females developed liver cancer.

Finally, for starchy foods, grilled steamed buns, toasted bread, etc., roasted to golden yellow or brown, will not cause cancer, but also through the role of “stomach”.

This is because a gelatinized layer is formed on the burnt bread slices and steamed bread slices. This layer of substances can neutralize gastric acid, inhibit gastric acid secretion, and thereby protect the gastric mucosa.

This is an ancient method of food therapy, mainly suitable for patients with chronic superficial gastritis, but also suitable for most people with chronic chronic illness.

The old people said that the good digestion of burning paste is here.

But the buns and bread are baked to black, which is not recommended.