[How to choose shrimp shrimp line]

[How to choose shrimp shrimp line]

No matter which type of shrimp you need to remove the shrimp line when eating, because the shrimp line can be regarded as the part of the body that stores the stool, so the shrimp line has many harmful substances.

And shrimp is now more obvious on the body of the shrimp, so I believe it is easy to find, but in the process of removal, many people do not know how to master the correct method to remove shrimp line.

Next, let’s popularize the method of removing the shrimp shrimp line.

Is it necessary to go to the shrimp line?

Shrimp line refers to the digestive tract of shrimps. At the tail of the shrimp, there are many dark brown, and it is often called “shrimp intestine”.

Shrimp line is sometimes black, sometimes white, and white is jejunum; black means waste that is not secreted by the shrimp. If eaten, there will be muddy smell in the mouth, which will affect the taste.

If the shrimp is contaminated, it may also accumulate in the shrimp line, which will affect health.

So whether it is black and white, it is best to remove the shrimp line before cooking.

2How to get the shrimp line 1 from the shrimp line, and use the toothpick to pass through the shrimp body from the joint of the shrimp head to the shrimp body (the joint of the shrimp head and shrimp body counts as one joint).

2. Hold shrimp in one hand and quietly stretch out the shrimp line with toothpick in one hand. The result of picking is usually that the shrimp line close to the side of the shrimp head will be picked out first, slowly pull the shrimp line by hand, and the shrimp line is close to the tailWill pull out all the way.

There is a super sharp thorn in the middle of the top of the shrimp head. You must cut it off. Use scissors to cut the joint between the shrimp head and the shrimp body.

3 Precautions for eating kiwi shrimp 1. The shrimp line on the back of the shrimp is waste that has not been excreted by the shrimp. If there is a muddy smell in the mouth, which affects appetite, it should be removed.

2, redness, soft body, U-turn shrimp is not fresh, try not to buy.

The spoiled shrimp must not be eaten.

3. Pay attention when eating shrimp and some fruits at the same time. Shrimp is rich in nutrients such as protein and calcium. If eaten with fruits with higher acid such as persimmon, hawthorn, pomegranate, grapes, it will even reduce protein nutritionValue, and the high acid and calcium combined with calcium sulfate stimulate regeneration after causing complications, vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Eat seafood with the above fruits at least 2 hours apart.

4. It is best not to drink a lot of beer when eating seafood, because that will produce too much uric acid and cause gout.

When eating seafood, it should be accompanied by dry white wine, because the fruit acid in it has a bactericidal and deodorizing effect.

5. The back end of the shrimp is green and black is fresh.

Generally, shrimp shells are hard, the head is intact, the body is tough, and the body is curved.

6, allergic to shrimp and allergic diseases, such as allergic rhinitis, allergic dermatitis, high blood pressure, should be eaten with caution.